Le Bal des Suds

Virgin land “Before the creation of the first Jaleo, I planned to call the “roads of flamenco” show. We criss-crossed these roads during the past four years, creating bridges between the universes gathered in this combo so special, between jazz, flamenco and Indian music, but also between singing, music and dance. A virgin land where […]


The album was recorded in 2000 shortly after the creation of the show at the Phenix of Valenciennes. This time Louis recorded in the South of France, in Boulbon at Studio de la Colline. Hervé Le Guil and Vincent Rame record sounds, Tristan Devaux and Vincent make the final mix. Nemo product the album and […]

for Paco

For the last 20 or so years, Louis Winsberg has maintained a quasi-love relationship with flamenco. This is the third part of a trilogy in which his guitar has a more central and acoustic role. A thorough work on vocals and percussion, also giving it more color “flamenco song” nourished by Indian tabla and Cuban […]