The album was recorded in 2000 shortly after the creation of the show at the Phenix of Valenciennes.

This time Louis recorded in the South of France, in Boulbon at Studio de la Colline. Hervé Le Guil and Vincent Rame record sounds, Tristan Devaux and Vincent make the final mix.

Nemo product the album and Universal released it in 2001. It will be selled over 5,000 copies and will be released in the US on the Sunnyside label.

The album cover is a painting by Angela Gage, Louis’ mom.

The adventure of JALEO can begin…

With: Nantha Kumar tabla and Indian drums, Norbert Lucarain vibraphone, marimba and the pitcher, Jean-Christophe Maillard the saz, vocals and keyboards, Jean-Baptiste Marino in flamenco guitar, Jose Montealegre vocals, Isabel Pelaez dance and Miguel Sanchez cajon. And palmas by everyone…


  • Sortie : 2001
  • Label : Universal