Originally from South India, Stephane Edouard was born in France in a family where music is an art that we share. Bollywood hits of the 70-80 cradled his childhood and the Carnatic and Hindustani music who bring knowledge of “tal” (Indian rhythms). Indian music is his primary source of inspiration when Stephane Edouard began drumming at the age of 7 years. From that time, he inherited a great aptitude for improvisation and a rhythmic ease that led him to work with artists of all stripes.

As a teenager, he discovered rock and jazz and through this music, the battery that he practice from the age of 12 years. This self-taught draws on the sources of the different traditions he encounters, the current jazz, Cuban and African music, which give it its originality and “groove” and that identify this artist from the first bars. Stephane Edouard soon decides to work on his own sound and creates sets of personal percussions which blend the sounds and musical traditions, reflecting the image of this cosmopolitan and curious artist of everything. He made his first steps on the music scene in Cergy where he grew up, and then down to Paris where he worked with many musicians.

Stephane Edouard collaborated with artists like: Frank Mc Comb, Daby Touré, Ousman Danedjo, Prabhu Edouard, Aldo Romano, Gene Lake, Nicolas Genest, Stéphanus Vivens, Magic Malik, Flavio Boltro, Rosario Guliani, Daniel Romeo, Pierre-Louis Garcia, Anga Diaz, Nelson Veras, Karim Ziad, Andy Narell-Hassane Idbassaid-Abdenour Djemaï (Festival Gnaoua Essaouira 2008), the formation of Louis Winsberg “Jaleo”, Christophe Wallemme quintet (Stéphane Galland, Stéphane Guillaume, Manu Codja), Stéphane Huchard sextet (Pierre de Bethmann, Sylvain Bœuf, Diego Imbert, Alex Tassel), Antoine Hervé sextet (Véronique Wilmart, Stéphane Guillaume, Louis Moutin, François Moutin). Since 2005, he plays with Paco Sery, Michel Alibo, Alain Debiossat, Jean-Pierre Como, Louis Winsberg in the Sixun group. Stephane Edouard works with Michel Jonasz that he currently accompanies in trio with Guillaume Poncelet. He participated in the tribute to the Headhunters initiated by the pianist Alfio Origlio (Guillaume Poncelet, Patrick Manouguian, Arnaud Renaville, Michel Alibo)

Pierre de Bethmann